Scott McIntyre

Canadian Cinematographer and Colourist
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Projects I've helped with Cinematography or Colour Grading
RBC Rewards: Best. Holiday. Ever.
Cinematographer, Colourist
ONA ‘Better Care for a Lifetime’
Death on Scenic Drive
Cinematographer, Colourist
Poor Agnes
ONA ‘Better Care Starts Here’
Gain ‘Unicorn’
Chrysler ‘Power of Zero’
Cinematographer, Colourist
National Canadian Film Day 150
County of Wellington
Cinematographer, Colourist
Ukraine’s Proxy War

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Scott McIntyre

Cinematographer, DOP, Colourist

For the better part of a decade, Scott has established himself as a multi-format cinematographer and director of photography. For film and television, his efficiency and professionalism on set ensure your shoot won’t be burdened by technical difficulties that inevitably steal from the art. For colour grading, Scott’s years of experience in music videos, corporate, documentary, TV, and advertising post-production define a unique finish to his work.

For production, Scott works with SMAK’s own Red Digital Cinema Camera, as well as lighting and audio equipment that will bring your independent film production or digital web content to life.

In post-production Scott works at SMAK Colour in the Toronto Carpet Factory completing colour correction, grading, and Online finishing.

To view Scott’s CV click here.

Or IMDB page http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3443587


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From music videos and short films to commercials and corporate videos, Scott has done them all. While everything is a serious venture, being young, I like to think I’ve only just begun and, someday, I’ll be leading the way to new and ever better ways to capture and deliver moving visual narratives.

Equipment Rental

Smak rents its Red Epic Package in addition to an array of lighting/grip and audio equipment in Toronto.

Colour Grading

The SMAK Colour DaVinci Resolve colour suite is where all projects are elevated and enriched to their final colour finish, whether 1080p LOG or 8k RAW. Handing post-production on projects for TV, Film, and Web.

Online and Finishing

Titles, lower thirds and closed captioning – any online requirement – are accommodated before we supply Pro Res Outputs.


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